1. Board Self-Evaluation: We offer a self-evaluation of the board’s effectiveness across all key areas within the evaluation scope, based on directors’ feedback. Structured feedback is provided via bespoke questionnaires, using our secure web-based survey tool, BoardMirror®. The client receives a report on the effectiveness of the board and each of its committees, based upon consolidated responses and anonymised comments to identify strengths, areas for improvement, divergence, and recommendations.
  2. Facilitated Board Self-Evaluation: This adds a layer of analysis to the bespoke questionnaires used in the Board Self-Evaluation to probe all areas within the evaluation scope. The main additional inputs include a review of board documentation and packs, face-to-face interviews and board/committee meeting observation. Along questionnaire results, these inputs result in an in-depth analysis of the board’s effectiveness, encompassing board competences, functioning, structure and support as well as behavioural/cultural traits. The report identifies strengths and weaknesses and makes appropriate recommendations. We expect a discussion of our key findings and recommendations by the board in a workshop setting, which we could facilitate. We also make ourselves available to help with relevant disclosures and the development of an action plan, as needed.

More details on our Board Review Services can be found here.