The offer


Our 3-year board effectiveness package allows boards to fully adhere to standards such as above. The package combines two annual Board Self-Evaluations and one Facilitated Board Self-Evaluation, in any sequence the client deems convenient over the course of three years. This allows for:

  • A longer term perspective: A three year perspective allows for a long view on board effectiveness. The board is able to track progress of its effectiveness over time in different areas such as composition, director skills and behaviours, workload and functioning, committee structure, leadership, and support. Directors are able to monitor the implementation of agreed recommendations on a rolling basis over a three year cycle. Taking a long view, they become more comfortable with the process.
  • A lighter process: We remove the administrative burden from chairs and company secretaries of preparing internal questionnaires, collating and analysing results, and developing reports, whilst at the same time ensuring that they remain in control.
  • Simplified contracting and lower cost: There is only one contract over three years and we are also able to deliver the 3-year package at a lower cost relative to standalone services.