In facilitating Board Reviews, we aim to maximise the value created by boards for their organisations. Six principles underpin our work:

  • Forward-looking: Our perspective is always forward-looking, considering how the board can build on its strengths and address its future governance challenges.
  • Board self-reflection: Our primary role in the process is to “hold a mirror” to the board regarding its own operations, strengths and areas for improvement. Findings are ideally discussed in a board workshop that we facilitate.
  • Relevance: While we have developed a vast “library” of questions, our questionnaires are always bespoke. They are designed on the basis of client consultations and reflect the client’s special governance characteristics and desired scope.
  • Actionability:  Our recommendations are actionable, practical, and prioritised. They are also always the product of iterations with the board’s leadership.
  • Efficiency: Efficiency is a core design element of our board evaluation approach. Our tools and processes aim to consume as little director time as possible, while ensuring tangible results from the review.
  • Confidentiality: Our board reviews are conducted according to strict Chatham House rules. We do not disclose to anyone the source of the views expressed in questionnaire responses or interviews. There are strict firewalls between our aggregating team and the client’s officers.